Creative Commons Licence

The music on is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You may download and use these music pieces in your creative project so long as you credit me in this way:

“<Name of Track Here>” by Jeremy Wray (

Standard Licence

If the piece of music is for use on TV or radio, or perhaps in an advert where it is not appropriate or applicable to give me a credit, then we can negotiate a licence for the piece in question. Please use the contact page to discuss this.


You are welcome to use my tracks in your YouTube videos but please be advised that you will not (under the current YouTube system) be able to monetise those videos. This is because my music is registered with TuneCore and they collect Ad revenue via their YouTube Sound Recording Revenue collection service on my behalf. Currently there can be only one claimant for royalties on a video and so you will not be able to collect this revenue if using my music on YouTube.