Hi there, thanks for dropping by my site!

My name is Jeremy Wray and I’m a composer/musician/producer working in London UK.

The music I have created here is released under Creative Commons licences, please feel free to download tracks and use them in your projects, see the Licences page for terms of use.

Please note that I licence my tracks with CD Baby and Tunecore so that I can collect a little bit of income when they are used on YouTube videos that display adverts. This means you can’t monetise videos with my music on. I wish YT would allow musicians to share Ad revenue with video makers but at present this isn’t possible so only registered music track(s) pick up this revenue.

If you do see a copyright notice on videos using my music, don’t worry, this is just letting you know that the system has picked up my music but you can still use it in your video.

If you’re downloading the music for your own pleasure that’s great thank you, but please do me a favour and follow me on Spotify, and consider buying a download(s) or makng a donation:

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